Sunday, December 31, 2006

About Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts

This business concept, familiarly known as GDW, started some years ago when John & Bjo Trimble sold trim and other fiber materials at historical reenactment events such as the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA). We also sold books, T-shirts and other merchandise at science fiction and Star Trek conventions as well. However, advancing years (ahem!) slowed down both Trimbles enough so they needed help. Enter stage left the Actons, a vital young couple with an adorable little girl. They were looking for a creative outlet that would also bring in some money. So the Trimbles and the Actons formed a loose partnership and set to work making GDW into a viable business. We got the help we needed to pack and set up at events, to build new shelving in 'GDW Corporate Headquarters' (our garage) and to help hold workshops. Since we work out of our garage, we can’t tie up our budget or storage space with large spinning wheels and large looms, just yet. Next thing we knew, the Trimble adult children and a few interested bystanders started getting involved in GDW activities as well. Selling at events often means a merchant pavilion full of helpful people, which makes the event a social occasion for us and visitors to the booth.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hello Again!

Well, OK. So… here I am again... is this thing on????

It’s me giving blogging another try. Our daughter, Jenn, is a blogger: and urged me to try blogging. She helped set up my first blog, and nudged me into saying something on it. But I had no real focus and found it difficult to believe that a mess of people Out There in Internetland really want to read all about Fred the Cat eating a whole chocolate cream bundt cake (she survived), or hearing about going through airport security with a 3" teddy bear in my purse.

Then I started reading creative people's blogs; how challenges were met, resources shared, research was carried out, and applications were made to the arts! There are a zillion crafts sites that offer everything from simple paper crafts to intricate philosophies to go along with amazing and stunning creations. Now those are blogs worth reading and sharing, which I’ll do as this blog develops and I find nifty blogs.

So here is the start of yet another blog on the Internet or maybe just a rambling newsletter. You’ll hear a lot about our home business, Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts and about our annual Dye & Fiber Retreat which is loads of fun for even non-fibery folk; check it out. I’ll share a dye recipe or two and run some ideas past you as well. There will also be news about other fiber artists, too. So send me some news about what you are doing! There will certainly be forays into the realms of beads, buttons, and other embellishments. I have so many interests, and am such a conversation kangaroo, anything may turn out to be a topic!

Below are pictures of some silk scarves we've dyed: indigo; brazilwood, osage orange, and indigo; and several using commercial MX dyes.