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We very much enjoy conventions, where we get to meet a lot of fellow fans, talk all night, and give our lovingly humorous History of Star Trek slide show, which Jenn wants to put into Power Point for me. I think that’s a very good idea since many conventions no longer work with slide projectors, and the ones they have are usually in really bad condition, or the light is burnt out, or the right cord wasn’t brought along, or something else has gone wrong. However, with everything on a CD, we could show it on a laptop if necessary. John and I attended only 3 conventions in 2007, which surprised and disappointed me since it was Trek’s 40th birthday, and I sorta thought we’d hear from someone. We didn’t, so that certainly put me in my place! Oh well...

LACON IV: The 64th World Science Fiction Con, familiarly known as L.A.con IV, was held on August 23-27, 2006 at the Anaheim Convention Center, where we observed Star Trek’s 40th anniversary with a Babel Conference Ambassadorial Reception.

John and I hosted this gala Star Trek event which started a long weekend of special Trek guests, exhibits, programming, and other Trek activities. Reception Master of Ceremonies was “Trouble with Tribbles” author David Gerrold. We were assisted by daughters and sons-in-law: Lora and Jason Boehm, Jenn and Chris Eplett. We had only one other big guest attend. However, since it was Chase Masterson, dressed in something very shiny and extremely skimpy, she raised a few blood pressures!

Fans who knew Chase as red-headed Leeta the D’abo girl on Deep Space Nine were surprised to see her as a blond for the film noir project she was filming at that time.

The beautiful caketop design was by Gina from the LAcon print department. John and I were on several panels and other program items. I particularly enjoyed being on a panel about getting youngsters to read, especially to read SF, with author Larry Niven and several librarians. The audience was notably filled with librarians and teachers. I mentioned Reading for the Future and found that many were already familiar with RFF and its goals.

There is an excellent media-oriented LAcon report at


LOCKS OF LOVE: Daughter Lora and a friend, Cate Manzo, did two days of hair-cutting especially for Locks of Love in the LACon Exhibits hall. They remember being the weirdo kids in school because they liked Science Fiction and fantasy. But they could at least blend in; a bald kid can’t do that.

They met with outright hostility from long-haired fans who evidently thought that two professional cosmetologists would chase them down the halls with snarling scissors. Most of those worried souls could have done with a good hair trim rather than look like a Eukanuba Show entrant, but no one will ever convince them of that. However, there were also generous donors of hair for children who need wigs, some of whom had grown their hair just for this purpose. The ladies also collected cash donations to help pay for wig-making supplies.

You don’t have to wait for a convention to donate hair. Just call around until you find a hair salon that does this special hair-cutting (sadly not all of them will do it). Anyone, any gender, any race, any age, can donate 10” or more of freshly-washed DRY hair. Or bring that long braid of hair in. This is such a simple way to help build a child’s self-esteem. If you know a child who needs a hairpiece, please fill out the Locks of Love submission form at their website: or call them at (561) 963-1677.

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