Monday, August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005

Spent yesterday (Sunday) at Camp Verdugo Oaks, where I worked on Retreat papers and the rest worked on walls. "The rest" being John and Lora, with Clark and Sherry Acton. Cate came too but was not feeling well most of the day. After she fixed us lunch, she retired for a long nap. The walls were going to be texturized but Ranger Terry's compressor has seen better days - possibly several decades ago. So walls were washed and painted. John and Clark cemented in an odd-shaped hole in the floor where something once stood. Neither of them knows much about cement-work, but at least they were willing to try. After work we went for a swim, but the pool was chilly so we didn't stay in long.

Ranger Terry found a nice-sized rattlesnake on the road into camp and brought to the Nature Museum. Snake buzzed furiously at us while we looked him over - Good specimen. It will be kept until the Retreat so we can show people, especially the children, what to look for. The rattler will be fed a couple of times while he's at Camp Verdugo Oaks, then Ranger Terry will take him some miles into the wilderness and let him go.
Stopped for dinner on the way home and had a run-in with a Denny's waitress who copped a real 'tude on us and we walked out. When the manager tried to apologize, Cate gave him a real talking-to about how to act when patrons are unhappy - doing something instead of giving excuses would have helped. In Real Life, Cate is herself a waitress at the local Peach Cafe. We braved coming-home-from-the-weekend traffic to Magic Mountain area where a nice El Torrito restaurant handily served up dinner, including an excellent spinach enchilada for John.

We are all still very tired today, which is dangerous because if we don't get some rest over the next couple of days we'll be very tired at the Retreat. I hope to be rested up and ready to enjoy the weekend, whatever it brings. To that end, I saw my chiropractor today to get that crick in my neck fixed up and it seems to have helped a lot. I'll know more tomorrow. We'll try to get more sleep this coming week. Which means stopping now and getting to bed. G'nite.

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