Friday, August 19, 2005

Long Friday

Oh, Jenn - I finally found my way into my own blog. I quasi-quote Blackadder to Baldrick: Computer technology is something that happens to other people. The upcoming Dye & Fiber Retreat happening Aug 26-28 is up to 55 people which is going to be a nice party. But many of the final details fall on the Trimbles because we have more time than our younger partners. The Actons are maintaining full-time jobs (one of which involves a lot of necessary overtime), caring for a very bright and active small child and a crippled friend, and rebuilding one of the more seriously as-is houses I've ever seen. So today was very busy as John and I ran errands and shopped, mainly for the Retreat. We found a place to silk-screen our totes, so I'm happy. But I'm pooped tonight and just popped in to say so.

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