Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Monitor!

Today I went to Villa Esperanza, where Kathryn is in Group Living, for a discussion about her progress (or lack thereof) with several involved parties. There is the usual food issue - Kat seems to think there is a plot to starve her to death if she doesn't stockpile food in her room, in her back-pack, and anywhere else she can think of. There is also the usual problem with hygiene. We never came up with a lasting solution, and it seems the Villa people haven't done so, either. Sigh... So I headed home feeling somewhat depressed.

When I picked John up from work, we went over to an antique shop that takes consignments to pick up an old rocking chair we'd left there a coupla years ago. They couldn't find it, but it wasn't on their books as sold. It was, however, on their computer as sold, and someone else was paid for it. Interesting! John didn't raise a fuss; he just stood there giving them That Look. They paid us for the chair but they weren't happy about it.

So we took the money to Office Depot and bought me a flat-screen KDS monitor. I've never heard of this brand, but it's the cheapest and what we could afford. We left with a box only slightly larger than a briefcase. Wow! Back home, John dragged my old boat-anchor of a monitor out of the office and Lora installed the new one. Whoohoo! Suddenly I have lots of desk space and room to put my keyboard so it doesn't fall into my lap occasionally.

Now I can stop suffering and start writing that Great American Novel...!!!

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