Monday, August 15, 2005

My very first blog!

Today is my birthday, so it's a good time for something new. My daughter, Jenn, who does lots of blogging has been on my case for some time to get off my fat apathy and get started on this new kind of communication. Seems a bit strange to put words out to a mess of strangers (however adorable you may be) but... times change and so will I. Since Jenn came out from Boston with her husband, Chris, to celebrate several August birthdays, it was the perfect time to have her set me up for blogging. Of course she'll get on a plane and leave me with a brand-new (to me) technology that I don't even pretend to understand.

I don't promise to blog every day because Real Life has a tendency to sneak up on me, but I'll certainly do it whenever I can. Once my little personal website was put up a coupla years ago, I promptly forgot to keep adding to it. So I do promise not to wait so long to update things. I'll try to drop in some comments, opinions, ideas and perhaps share a few things that I like (or don't like) with you. I like input but don't enjoy flames or arguing with people I don't even know. So be aware that my favorite button on the keyboard is the "delete" button.

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